F-500 Encapsulator Agent

With F-500 we offering you an innovative liquid multi-purpose extinguishing additive in concentrated form. Its mode of action is based on a rapid cooling effect, the functionality as a wetting agent and the micelle encapsulation. With these combined characteristics F-500 Encapsulator Agent is highly effective and ideal for fires of class A, B and parts of class C, D and F.

Since 1997 is F-500 Encapsulator Agent successfully used in e.g. the USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, and Italy (also used as the standard in the Italian Marine). Since 2008 is the Encapsulator Agent on the German market and convinces apart from the public fire brigades and private fire brigades more and more users through its quality and performance.

  • No special equipment needed for the application of F-500 EA.
  • Innovative and eco-friendly.
  • F-500 is available in 20l pails, 200l barrels, and 1.000l IBC.

The Science of F-500

F-500 Encapsulator Agent is a surfactant and consists of molecules with a polar (hydrophilic) and a nonpolar (hydrophobic) part. This special composition of the molecules makes F-500’s features highly effective in fire-fighting.

Encapsulation: The formation of micelles can encapsulate a variety of liquid, gaseous, and solid substances through intensive mixing and are non-ignitable in the long run.

Surface Tension Reduction: The greater surface of F-500 extinguishing water mixture leads to a faster evaporation beginning at 70°C.

Surface Activity: The wetting agent effects helps the F-500 extinguishing mixture to get through burning substances and existing cavities.

Rapid Heat Reduction: The vaporization starts already at 70°C. The burning substances cool down under the ignition temperature.

F-500 Ensures Maximum Safety.

  • Less danger of burns through rapid cooling effect
  • No re-ignition danger
  • Simple and safe usage
  • Non-hazardous – fast and fully biodegradable
  • No health burden
  • Non-corrosive
  • F-500 is clean
  • Collateral damages are minimized through less extinguishing water usage
  • Lesser efforts in clearance with F-500 than with dry powder extinguisher

F-500 is Fast

  • Rapid heat reduction
  • Rapid extinguishing success


F-500 EA is in the European market officially approved through MPA Dresden (DIN EN2) for the fire class A and B (Approval Number SP83/03).

REACH Compliance

Ecotoxicological studies were realized already in 2005. The conclusive results are available in the download section.

Environment / Health

  • F-500 EA is fluorine-free and eco-compatible.
  • F-500 EA neither contains any mutagenic and carcinogenic substances nor persistent organic pollutants (POP’s).
  • F-500 EA is not bio-accumulating.
  • Rapidly bio-degradable.
  • Less product consumption through low proportioning rates.
  • Residue-free applications.
  • F-500 EA is not a hazardous waste in the sense of EU-Directives 1999/45/EC and 67/548/EEC and is rated as easy degradable by the OECD-Criterions.
Fire Class A 0,25% – 1%
Fire Class B 1% – 6%
Fire Class D 1% – 3%
Fire Class F 3% – 6%

F-500 Encapsulator Agent

20 liters of F-500
Encapsulator Agent

1000 liters of F-500
Encapsulator Agent