The Fire Extinguisher with F-500 Technology:
The advantages of our Water Spray Extinguishers:

  • Eco-friendly, because quick in use and full biodegradable.
  • Easy and safe handling.
  • Extinguishing in less time.
  • Less consumption of the extinguishing agent.
  • Lesser efforts in clearance than with powder or foam extinguisher.
  • Collateral damages become minimized.
  • Rapid cooling effect through phase change at 70°C, reduction of the re-ignition danger.
  • F-500 Extinguisher are predestinated for factory protection, in public institutions, and for households.

WE3 F-500:

Optically small designed but strong in performance. The low weight of 6,1 kilogram allows even delicate persons, elderly people, and also children to counteract effectively in cases of initial fires.
The WA3 F-500 is optimal for the security in private households and for the additional equipment in kindergartens, schools, hospitals, or care facilities.

WA9 F-500:

The extinguisher WA9 F-500 exceeds with the “Technical Rules for Workplaces” (ASR), Edition A2.2 Measures against Fires from November 2012, and the demanded basic configuration of minimum 6 extinguishing agent units.

WM6RC F-500:

We recommend our water-mist extinguisher F-500 WM6RC for the usage in kitchen and at special fires in industry, as well.

WA50 F-500 P:

This trolley is especially applicable for firefighting of medium-sized fires. With its features of mobility and easy handling it is the ideal solution for fire protection at places with a higher exposure to danger of fire. The trolley enables with its 50 liters capacity a safe and effective operation.