What makes HydroLock so unique:

  • HydroLock is an innovative liquid cleaning agent in concentrated form. It is based on the active principles of wetting agents and the encapsulation of micelles.
  • A premix of water and 3% HydroLock encapsulates toxic and flammable vapors and gases to a non-flammable and/or non-explosive condition. HydroLock provides the dual action of emulsification and encapsulation, making it ideal for degassing and cleaning tanks, vessels and equipment prior to entry, welding or other hot work. When applied as directed, this product rapidly reduces LEL levels and keeps them down while the work progresses. HydroLock allows same-day access to the tank, increasing productivity and reducing downtime, safely. Emulsification with fats and oils is possible with a 3% premix of HydroLock.
  • HydroLock is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-hazardous, 100% biodegradable and non-skin-sensitizing.
  • HydroLock is successfully in used for example in the USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain and Italy since 1997.
  • HydroLock is available in 20 liter pails, 200 liter barrels or 1.000 liter IBC’s.

Identified usages:

  • Tank degassing / cleaning.
  • Soil washing and remediation.
  • Fields of application: cities and municipalities, industry, inland- and maritime transportation.

Effect of the product:
Surface activated substance mixture (tenside mixture).